We aim to develop first-in-class and best-in-class macromolecular drugs through original innovation.

We have established a globally integrated R&D process with four R&D centers worldwide. We have built up whole-industry-chain technology platforms and mechanism of innovation for macromolecular drugs covering from early discovery to industrialization.

Innovation Center

Technology Platform

We have established an integrated technology system that covers the entire lifecycle of Protein drugs from early R&D all the way to industrialization.

Integrated technology system covering the entire lifecycleof Protein drugs from early R&D to industrialization

  • TwoGATE™

  • Automated High-efficiency Screening Platform for Antibody Selection and Functional Assays

    • Greatly broadens the initial range of clinical drug candidate screening
    • Helps to find optimal candidates
    • Provides us with a basis for our R&D of innovative monoclonal antibodies and functional screening in vitro and in vivo
  • Human Transmembrane Receptor Protein Array and High-throughput Screening Platform

    • Encompasses nearly 5,000 human cell membrane proteins
    • A highly sensitive detection system with increased affinity
    • Continuously expands the monoclonal antibody product line targeting cell surface receptors and soluble proteins
  • High-yielding Stable Expression Cell Lines Screening and Establishment Platform

    • Based on the cutting-edge GS expression system
    • To establish high protein expression cell lines with significantly faster speed and higher titers than the traditional DHFR technology
  • Antibody Quality Research, Control and Assurance Platform

    • Covers the quality assurance regarding suppliers, inputs, process, outputs and customers
    • Ensures our compliance with GMP standards
  • Antibody Humanization and Construction Platform

  • CHO Cell Fermentation Process Development Platform

  • Antibody Purification Process Development and Formulation Optimization Platform

  • Antibody-Drug Conjugates Research and Development Platform

  • siRNA Drugs Research and Development Platform

Note:Company′s core technology platform

R&D Process

Our capacity for original innovation enables us to achieve new target discoveries and validation during the early stages of drug development, which means a higher level of drug research, a greater chance of drug discovery and success, and a wider range of diseases. As we continue to explore and validate more innovative targets, more and more drug candidates will enter our R&D pipeline, thus providing continuous innovation for our sustainable development.

  • Drug-target identification
  • Candidate molecule screening
  • Candidate molecule optimization
  • CMC process development Analytical method development
  • Pilot drug production
  • Stability and characterization studies Pharmacological, pharmacodynamic and toxicological studies
  • IND applications